Friday, October 5, 2007


How would you like to get hundreds of dollars worth of software for FREE?

I encourage you to download the Google Pak by clicking on the button on the sidebar. It contains these gems.
  • Picasa - This is my favorite product. I use it to download the photos from my digital cameras and perform simple tasks such as cropping and filling with light if the photo is too dark. In addition, you can organize your photos in Albums or I prefer to organize them in folders on my hard drive. THEN, have you ever had trouble with photos sent to you that are too big or too many? Well you can click on Upload to Web and the photos you have selected will be uploaded to Picasaweb connected to your gmail account. Then you have the choice of sharing publicly with everyone or JUST the people that you want to see them. The other person will receive a link in that will bring them to your photos. They have many options such as downloading, ordering prints, watching a slideshow and more. WHAT A GEM and ALL FOR FREE!
My choices are the boldened items below.
  • Mozilla Firefox with Google toolbar - the fastest most customizable browser. I add extensions such as gmail manager to check my gmail accounts. I also like to add IETAB and IE VIEW. Both of these allow you to view a page which you cannot view in Firefox normally.
  • Google photos screensaver
  • Skype - communication with others by internet phone
  • Star Office - A fantastic office suite
  • Google Desktop - if you wish to search from your desktop and do all kinds of other neat things [Uses resources and may slow your machine. Make sure your machine is fast enough.]
  • Adobe Reader - reads pdf files which are the internet standard for documents that you can send and everyone can read them.
  • RealPlayer - if you need it - RealPlayer 11 I believe it is can download almost any movie that you are viewing on YouTube, Google Video or elsewhere!
  • Norton Security Scan - too big and controlling -FORGET ABOUT IT!
  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition - good if you do not have spyware detection in your security suite
I don't know how anyone can pass up this great and useful software for free! If you want more great gems like this, go to CPEDLEY.COM and look for freeware

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